Dr Alaa Hamdon receiving a shipment of books from Book Aid International

March 2018

On 12 March 2018, the first consignment of books arrived at Mosul University Library courtesy of Book Aid International. More information can be found in their press release

April 2018

On 26 April 2018, Mosul University Library celebrated the receipt of equipment donated by People in Need and the Faculty of Arts at Charles University (Czech Republic). Their efforts raised 282 078Kč (around 10,000 GBP).

July 2018

In July,  the director of Mosul University Libraries, Mr Mohammed Jasim Aal-Hajiahmed, visited the UK to meet with partners. He spoke with Dr Mehiyar Kathem from University College London about national and international efforts to rehabilitate the libraries of the University of Mosul. Listen here.

August 2018

Book Aid International published a blog featuring "the man rebuilding Mosul's libraries," namely our own Dr. Alaa Hamdon. 

September 2018

Scotland's national newspaper published a piece authored by Alice Konig and Kate Walker advocating education as central to peace and reconciliation in Mosul. Read it here

November 2018

The University of St. Andrews and the University of Edinburgh are running library fines donation days in their respective libraries to help Book Aid International raise funds for more Mosul shipments. Both universities run regular fines donation days for Book Aid International, and they have agreed to highlight the Mosul Book Bridge campaign specifically this year. More universities would be most welcome to join in!

The work of Mosul Book Bridge and partners was featured in a BBC News article by Sean Coughlan, education and family correspondent. We invite our supporters to share the article on social media.

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